Broken Bird

Flying high into the clear blue sky has left your wings fragile And now I can see those folded wings are making you feel tired Don't try to force a smile for anybody else But don't forget that it's okay to smile for yourself

There are no words to describe it; the feeling that I get whenever I look into your eyes. Your feelings cannot hide from me.

Try to hide all your pain deep inside We don't need the sky to fly- we can just swim in the sea, as time goes by Even if you forget yesterday, I will still be there for you Tomorrow is a brand new day

I'm Kurosawa Fuumi- it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm the Third Seat of the Tenth Division in the Gotei Thirteen, I hope we can get along well!

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This blog will be deleted in the next two weeks.

I just don’t have the muse anymore, and there’s a lot of memories associated with this blog that just aren’t healthy for me to deal with.

I’ll still be on tumblr, so feel free to follow me on my personal (linked on my blog) or any of my other RP accounts. (Listed on my personal)

Thanks for following me up till now, everyone.

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He took a deep breath, glad to be home where there were no cars and other motors of the sort to destroy the air quality. The only metal objects they could get were through blacksmith’s too, who stood for ours on end at the forge. Marth half believed her, knowing most people did not grow trees to kill them. It was the fact people did not take care of them correctly was the problem at hand. “Then be sure to check on it and keep in mind not all seeds grow even with proper care.”

He let out a short, quiet laugh, dashing across the field in the direction of his home. Sure he enjoyed leaving for an adventure, but it was still nice to be home. Plus, he had another guest. It was lovely to know he had friends around, even if it was for a short time and they were not really friends. They probably weren’t even acquaintances, but he didn’t mind so long as he wasn’t lonely. The death of Shiida had taken its toll on him, including his need to protect others and how alone he almost always felt. He came to a halt at the doors, straightening his posture to one that would pass as much more regal. “Then come along. You shall be my guest, even if only for a short moment,” he called loudly, but voice still holding that slightly timid note.

She frowned a little at that. She didn’t like the idea that a seed just wouldn’t grow- did that mean it was dead from the start? The thought was a little depressing. Her brow furrowed a bit as well. Though, if that were the case, she’d have to plant many, so that some would grow! It was just another thing on her ever-growing list of projects that she brought upon herself. She was going to wear herself out at this rate, but she was too stubborn for most things to drop any of it. Once she put her mind towards something, she wasn’t easily going to let it go.

When he darted off, she turned back to the trees, spotting Claudia quickly. The brunette slipped back into her gigai before taking off after Marth. She wasn’t as fast in her gigai as she usually was, but it would likely end up better this way. After all, he was a person of status. Just because he could see her didn’t mean anyone else could, and it would just cause him trouble if he seemed to be talking to himself. Fuumi pulled herself to a halt at the doors as well, blinking up at them. They were quite different from any she’d seen before. Glancing at him, she straightened slightly as well. “Then I’ll be imposing for a while. Thank you for having me.” she said with a slight smile.

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gyrfalcon with ring necked pheasant

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captain-of-ice-deactivated20140: "Happy birthday," the taichou sighed. Both being from the rukongai, he figured she didn't really care like the rest of his village and himself. However, the thought was what counted. Dropping a small box with a cupcake in it, made by Eve with supervision and a lot of help, by her feet, he let out a huff and turned to walk away.

"O-oh, thank you." she said, unable to keep the surprise out of her voice. She hadn’t thought that anyone even knew when her birthday was, let alone care enough to give her well wishes or any sort of gift. The brunette knelt to pick up the box, tilting her head slightly as she regarded it. She couldn’t remember ever getting a proper present. She didn’t really know what else she could say, honestly. Her expression softened slightly. "… I really appreciate it."

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african fish eagle
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african fish eagle

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“Well another girl seem to wonder herself over here. How did you make it to Wonderland?”

Fuumi blinked in slight confusion. “Wonderland?” she repeated. “…I’m not really sure myself.” she admitted after some thought. Last she knew, she’d been doing work at the office …

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bohemian waxwing

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It was that time again, wasn’t it? A small sigh escaped her as she frowned slightly. Fuumi thought she had finally gotten over feeling so alone on her birthday, but apparently she hadn’t. Perhaps it had been the promise of spending it with a friend, her current houseguest, but Tala had been gone for a while now. Fuumi was worried to say the least, and when she wasn’t working or studying her books and charts, she was looking for the redhead. But now the third seat was starting to think that Tala wasn’t coming back, but Fuumi’s stubborn nature refused to believe it really was so. 

Her chin rested in her hand, her brow furrowing. She had gone into work anyway, figuring that most people didn’t even know when her birthday was anyway. She never celebrated it like most people did, though she never forgot it either. It was days like this that Fuumi wished she could get herself to go to the Rukongai, if only to spend it with her mother like she used to. “She probably wouldn’t remember …” she mumbled, then gave a firm shake of her head. No, she was working. She couldn’t get so distracted.